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Foshan Tanfon Energy Technology Co.,LTD which a manufacturer for solar system products, wind turbine system products.

inverter with CE certification; 18 months warranty for normal voltage products

(our factory sincerely hope can have good cooperation with you in the feature)


Competitive advantage:

IGBT single phase pure sine wave inverter

v Used copper transfromer

v LCD display

v 100% full power

v Totally new material, imported MOS tube and optocoupler

v Double protections, double temperature controllering design

v Bypass function and with AC charger;

v 18 months warranty;

v CE, RoHS, ISO9001 certification

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Feature:

  • Super wide input voltage: 145V—280VAC;
  • Completely controlled by CPU,
  • Protection against output short-circuit; Against overload, and when you throw off its load, it will turn on the unit automatically.
  • Functions that when the AC comes in, it will start the unit automatically.
  • With charger built-in, its charging current is 30A—-80A.
  • Different DC volage: 96V, 192V, 240V for optional
  • Output pure sine wave: 220V+-3%.
  • It can drive impactive loads, such as lightings, TV sets, fans, refrigerators and air-conditioner
  • It’s humanized design, when the AC comes, it will start the unit automatically; And when it overload, it will also close the unit automatically, when you cancel the load, then it will return to work automatically.
  • ATM inverter, RS232 software, SNMP card for optional.


Working way below optional:

1.the city power priority: when it have city power, inverter will work bypass output, city power take the load directly; when  have both city power and sun power, inverter will charge 2 kinds power to battery.

when city power failed, just charge solar power to battery .

2.battery power priority: when it have sun power, just charge sun power to battery, and take the load, when it has not sun power, inverter will use battery power take the load.

when battery power is lower, inverter will automatically use bypass function to take the load, and charge to battery at the same time.


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