Grid Tie Inverter 5kw Grid Solar Inverter 5000W

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Solar grid tie inverter have power design 1kw 2kw 3kw 4kw 5kw 6kw 7.5kw single phase, 4kw-70kw three phase.

1kw to 5kw grid tie inverter design:


Product Advantages (3kw-7.5kw single phase grid tie inverter for solar)

High output

  • The highest efficiency 98.2%
  • Real-time and accurate MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency greater than 99.5% to ensure maximum return
  • Wide operating voltage range: from 90V to 580V, compatible with¬†various specifications of photovoltaic arrays
  • Independent dual MPPT tracking for better adaptability to various rooftop power station designs
  • Transformerless¬†inverter topology is used to achieve higher inverter efficiency

Flexible and economical system solutions

  • LCD screen plus combination buttons for easy viewing of inverter status information, communication connections, and system configuration
  • RS485 and external Wi-Fi/GPRS (optional): System monitoring configuration is more flexible
  • Mobile APP real-time monitoring is more convenient
  • Built-in anti-backflow function (optional)
  • Built-in sound and light alarm function

Low maintenance costs

  • Transformerless design, Higher efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight
  • All-aluminum stainless steel case, natural heat dissipation, enhanced corrosion protection, extended service life
  • IP65 protection level, freedom of installation location
  • Photovoltaic connector for easier installation and maintenance
  • Flexible and mature monitoring solutions

Smart Grid Management

  • Reactive power adjustable function
  • When the power grid is over-frequency, automatic load shedding
  • Remote active limit function

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