First Solar Smart

June 11, 2020by adminx0

Water heater * Gallons: 200 litres * Type: Passive (thermosyphon) * The High Points: Requires virtually no maintenance The First Solar Smart 200 litres solar water heater is a no-frills integrated system that can be easily installed and maintained by any homeowner. The passive water heating is great for small households living in mild climates that receive a lot of sunlight. With no-moving parts or extra pieces, the first solar smart system is a great starter kit for those who may be intimidated by more intricate and advanced solar heaters. With a SRCC certification, the first solar smart water heater is a costefficient way to cut down on expenses. Their affordable price point and 10-year warranty guarantee financial security. By using a passive solar system, homeowners can save a lot of money per year in energy costs.

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